Regulating Resiliency in Supply Chains

COVID has exposed just how vulnerable to shocks the systems we depend on for physical goods are. Just about every good – from lumber to computer chips – has been subject to shortages, and each shortage has reverberated downstream through supply chains to cause shortages in many other goods, as with the millions of carsContinue reading “Regulating Resiliency in Supply Chains”

The Case for White-Collar Apprenticeships

Over the past century, the labor market in America has seen a dramatic shift from blue-collar to white-collar work. According to the Bureau of Census Data, white-collar work in the US grew from 17.6% of total employment in 1900 to 59.9% in 2003 [1]. The “white-collar” categorization was then discontinued for lack of specificity, butContinue reading “The Case for White-Collar Apprenticeships”

The Importance of India

“Quantity has a quality of its own”–Attribution contested A significant factor in the power of states throughout history has been sheer numbers. Spain was able to control an overseas empire to a significantly greater degree than Portugal thanks in no small part to its larger population. England subsequently rose in power and grew to controlContinue reading “The Importance of India”

A bird’s-eye view of modern AI from NeurIPS 2019

Table of Contents Introduction Robustness and generalizability Efficiency Data efficiency Computational efficiency Directions and applications Graph neural networks Reinforcement learning and contextual bandits Natural language processing SysML Generative models Miscellanea Conclusion Introduction This year, I had a chance to attend NeurIPS, the most prominent conference in artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), to present aContinue reading “A bird’s-eye view of modern AI from NeurIPS 2019”