How to talk to ChatGPT through Siri

Recently, I wrote the post How to: Talk to GPT-3 Through Siri, describing how to significantly upgrade Siri using OpenAI’s recent davinci-003 model.

The iOS shortcut in that post is already a big upgrade to Siri, but davinci-003 isn’t as capable as OpenAI’s latest models, which are also what is powering ChatGPT behind the scenes.

Until now, those models weren’t available for API access, but today, OpenAI opened API access to their gpt-3.5-turbo model, and I’ve updated the shortcut so you can now talk to the equivalent of ChatGPT directly through Siri.

gpt-3.5-turbo is about 10x cheaper to use than davinci-003, and seems to return better answers for some questions, but worse answers for others. Your call on which to use! I’ve switched to gpt-3.5-turbo, personally.

You can download the shortcut here – to start using it, you’ll just need to input your OpenAI API key. Then, talk to ChatGPT by saying “Hey Siri, GPT Mode” (or whatever you rename the shortcut to), then your question.

If you want to have Siri consistently read the responses out loud, it’s also best to change Siri’s settings in Settings->Accessibility->Siri->Spoken Responses to “Prefer Spoken Responses”:

If you want more detailed instructions on how to get this working, please see my previous post.

PS – No pressure, but if you’ve found this shortcut useful, I’d appreciate it if you buy me a coffee!

7 thoughts on “How to talk to ChatGPT through Siri

  1. Thanks ! I was just about to comment about this in the comments section, to notify you about the brand-new API release from Mar 01, 2023. But you’ve provided an upgraded, alternative Shortcut-Script already, all by yourself, great!

    Yesterday, independently, I have briefly tried to duplicate your GPT-Shortcut and modify the API endpoint and the POST parameters: remove the prompt parameter (type string), replace it with “messages” param, am array of dictionaries. It didn’t work. (I have never played with iOS shortcut scripts before).

    Under iOS 16.3.1, I had to overcome 3 minor obstacles: grant permissions to Speech recognition API, + to Speech-to-text-API, and allow internet access API before I got the Shortcut to work.

    I would be cool if you provided a post explaining the code of the shortcut, in pseudocode, or in Python, JavaScript, here on our blog. Just an idea . (Maybe the other blogpost , those you took inspiration from, explain it already).


  2. The new shortcut with GPT-3.5 turbo also works fine for me. Although, since it’s the model used by ChatGPT it is not aware of “hypothetical” products (in the future – post 2021) like GPT-3.5 turbo when asked.
    My question is how to edit the shortcut to allow saving the text responses, which are often quite detailed and useful?


    1. Scroll to the bottom of the shortcut and search for and add “copy to clipboard”. Also try adding “create note “ or “append to note”


  3. Hi, sorry l’ve done all the steps with no issue but when I ask GPT something after loading the response does not appear


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