How to talk to ChatGPT through Siri

Recently, I wrote the post How to: Talk to GPT-3 Through Siri, describing how to significantly upgrade Siri using OpenAI’s recent davinci-003 model. The iOS shortcut in that post is already a big upgrade to Siri, but davinci-003 isn’t as capable as OpenAI’s latest models, which are also what is powering ChatGPT behind the scenes.Continue reading “How to talk to ChatGPT through Siri”

How To: Talk to GPT-3 through Siri

Note: it’s now possible to talk to a newer OpenAI model (gpt-3.5-turbo) through Siri – if you want to use the newer, and much cheaper, version, see my updated post here. The new version seems to do better on some questions but worse on others. Like many others, I’ve been incredibly impressed with OpenAI’s ChatGPTContinue reading “How To: Talk to GPT-3 through Siri”

Crypto is an Unproductive Bubble

This post sparked a great conversation on Hacker News! See the comments here.Another update: Scott Alexander just (12/8/22) wrote the best counterpoint to this that I’ve read – see it here “The four most expensive words in investing are: ‘This time it’s different.’” John Templeton I’m writing this essay not so much to convince anyoneContinue reading “Crypto is an Unproductive Bubble”

Regulating Resiliency in Supply Chains

COVID has exposed just how vulnerable to shocks the systems we depend on for physical goods are. Just about every good – from lumber to computer chips – has been subject to shortages, and each shortage has reverberated downstream through supply chains to cause shortages in many other goods, as with the millions of carsContinue reading “Regulating Resiliency in Supply Chains”